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Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Professional

The HORADAM® AQUARELL assortment

110 colours represent the HORADAM®AQUARELL range. 69 colours are formulated with one pigment only, the ideal concept for professional painting and for colour mixing. Many of the new artists' pigments have been researched and tested to comply with the highest quality standard regarding stability, fineness, resolubility and lightfastness. To achieve the outstanding characteristics, like reusable paint when dried on a palette and the high control of paint flow even on soft water-colour papers we only use the best raw materials. In its coloristic appearance the total assortment is particularly harmonious, balanced and complete.

No compromise in quality - 
Highest standards of artists' pigments allow highest light fastness

The lightfastness is an objective characteristic, which depends not only on the pigment itself, but also on the complete formula. Therefore Schmincke does not only use the lightfastness given by the pigment itself but makes tests of the complete formula of each shade in the fast Xenontest and / or on the roof of the Schmincke factory for a prolonged period.
To be able to test properly and classify colours strictly according to our 5-star-system attached to the "woolscale", such intensive testing is absolutely vital.

It is self-understood that no water-colour painting should be exposed to direct sunlight for a longer time due to the usually fine and thin and thereby lightsensitive colour application.

Especially selected Gum Arabic

One main ingredient of the water-colour binding medium is Kordofan Gum Arabic from the southern Sahara region. Like most natural products this traditional water-colour binding medium differs from year to year. Therefore Schmincke is testing Gum Arabic every time before purchase and selects only the best crop of
the respective year. This adds small but significant quality advantages. Other formula ingredients are selected equally carefully and of course are integrated in each formula in an individual optimised way to obtain a harmonious assortment, that can be easily picked up by the brush.

Oxgall - more than a wetting agent

An important criterion for the highest quality is the control of a water-colour application without undissolved pigment and undesired cloud formations. The perfect flow of the HORADAM® AQUARELL water-colour is guaranteed by the optimal amount of oxgall. It is the decision of the artist - not of the colour - where the application should flow moist in moist or if the colour should stay dry on the paper.

Pouring water-colours in liquid state, or how the real quality is born

Another traditional quality criterion is the re-usability of the HORADAM®AQUARELL water-colours while using the same formulation for tubes and pans. Both properties, the reusability and the control of the paint flow can only be achieved by pouring water-colours into pans in a liquid state, which is really unique. This production process means, to fill the pans 4 times, allowing the colour to dry and settle between each filling.
The first step is to fill the pan with the colour and let it dry for some weeks in a drying chamber to a certain degree of residual moisture. The second, third and forth step follows the same procedure. That means that each single pan is ready for sale only after 3 - 5 months.

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