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A>2 Art Students Acrylic

                           A2 > NEW DIRECTIONS IN ART!

The best possible value for the serious student developing their painting skills, A2® builds confidence and experience in paint handling, by working like an artists' quality paint.

The same brilliance & clarity of colour as our professional Atelier® Artists' Acrylics.

The same high pigment loading as our Atelier® Artists' Acrylics.

The same acrylic binder as our professional Atelier® Artists' Acrylics.

The same body and consistency as our professional Atelier® Artists Acrylics with excellent brush-mark retention for oilpaint-like techniques.

Dries to an attractive low gloss surface finish like Atelier® Artists Acrylics, emphasising colour saturation and luminosity.

The range has been designed to provide an essential palette of 20 colours.

The use of student grade pigments ensures an affordable range with one price for all colours

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